10mm Ab Beads

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Swarovski 5624 10mm Stairway Bead Crystal AB

Code 5624-CAB10
The brilliant shimmer of Crystal AB on this 10mm Stairway bead from Swarovski will grab the attention of any jewelry admirers. The rectangular shape is offset with a rounded top and bottom to the bead for a geometric feel. The facets in this bead reflect light, glistening with all the colors of the rainbow. This bead would go great with any bright color of Austrian crystal or would make a bright bracelet strung together.

Swarovski 5514 10mm Pendulum Bead Crystal AB

Code 5514-CAB10
You'll love the modern elegance of the Swarovski 5514 10mm pendulum bead in Crystal AB. This bead features a classic rectangular gem cut. The stringing hole is offset to the top of the bead. When threaded, it swings freely, bringing together elegance and movement. The top hole adds a contemporary edge to the traditional shape. Showcase it as a pendant, dangle it from earrings and more. Showcase this bead as a small pendant. It features a wonderful iridescent glow.

Swarovski 3700 10mm Margarita Bead Crystal AB

Code 3700-CAB10
These beautiful Swarovski crystal Margarita beads are wonderful and versatile components. They can be used as spacers with your favorite beads or as sew-on stones to embellish your clothing and accessories. Stack them together in different sizes and colors to give your jewelry designs striking dimension. This bead features a clear color with an iridescent finish adding rainbow tones.

Swarovski 5058 10mm Baroque Bead Crystal AB

Code 5058-CRYSAB10
Luxury fills this Swarovski Baroque bead. The Baroque bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history in radiant crystal detailing. With its flat pear multi-curved outer shape, you can blend it into luxurious bead strands or create floral and ray-shaped sew-on patterns. Light, airy, and flat, this bead adds little additional weight to any finished product. It features increased brilliance through the multilayer cut with detailed facets on the side. This bead features clear color with an iridescent gleam.

Fire-Polished Bead 10mm Cobalt AB (25pc Pack)


Royal blue color radiates from these Czech glass fire-polished beads. These 10mm beads are coated in a colorful iridescent finish which reflects beautifully off the faceted surface. Their large 10mm size makes them a great choice to use as the focal point in necklaces.

Each pack includes approximately 25 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

Fire-Polished Bead 10mm Crystal AB (25pc Pack)


Design whimsical jewelry with these Czech glass fire-polished beads. These crystal clear beads are coated in an iridescent finish which reflects light in pastel sparkles off the faceted surface. Incorporate these 10mm beads into all kinds of jewelry designs; dangle them from earrings and bracelets or string them onto necklaces.

Each pack includes approximately 25 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

Fire-Polished Bead 10mm Alexandrite AB (25pc Pack)


Design unique jewelry with special effects using these Czech glass fire-polished beads in Alexandrite. These beads feature a fun color-changing property that renders them light blue under incandescent light and violet under sunlight. These colors are heightened by a lovely iridescent coating.

Each pack includes approximately 25 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

Swarovski 5028 10mm Crystal Globe Bead Crystal AB

Code 5028-CAB10
The brilliance of crystal takes on classic style in the Swarovski 5028 10mm crystal globe bead in Crystal AB. This bead features a perfectly round, smooth shape, creating an opulent 3D effect. This sleek yet expressive bead complements all looks with its perfect simplicity. It is a magical orb of crystal that will enhance any design. This bold bead makes the perfect showcase piece for necklaces and bracelets. This bead features clear color and an iridescent AB color that adds a magical array of gleaming colors.

Swarovski 5625 10mm 2-hole Stairway Bead Crystal AB

Code 5625-CAB10
Add sparkle to your projects with the Swarovski 10mm 2-hole Stairway bead in Crystal AB. This square-shaped bead features horizontal rectangular facets to create a dramatic geometric look, while curving facets near the bead holes add a finishing touch. This bead features two drilled stringing holes and is a little bit bigger than the Tila beads that feature a similar design. This bead can work in seed beading and multi-strand projects. It features a brilliant clear color with an iridescent coating that is sure to dazzle.

Swarovski 86001 10mm Pave Ball Bead Crystal AB

Code 86001-CAB10
Create a dazzling display in your designs with the Swarovski 86001 10mm pave ball bead in Crystal AB. For all over sparkle, you can't go wrong with Swarovski's pave ball. This bead is made from Ceralun epoxy clay and Chatons cover the surface, for spherical shimmer you can add to any look. The combination of matte style and stunning shine is daring and confident. The berry shape will create a playful expression in designs. This bead features a clear color with an iridescent finish.

10mm Beadelle Silver-Plated Crystal AB Round Pave Bead

Code BEAD-0589
Add a bright, rainbow sparkle to your looks with this pave bead from Beadelle. This base metal round bead is plated in a shiny silver polish and then showered with tiny clear crystals that reflect a rainbow shine to give your jewelry eye-catching sparkle. Use it in a dainty necklace idea paired with any number of different color combinations to highlight its incredible shine.

Swarovski 5328 10mm XILION Bicone Crystal AB

Code 5328-CRYSAB10
Give your designs an enchanting gleam with this Swarovski Bicone bead in Crystal AB. This bead is clear in color, while the AB finish adds an iridescent shimmer of rainbow color. The XILION cut has 12 facets for added sparkle and brilliance. This patented cut is beyond measure and just has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The beautiful AB finish of this 10mm Bicone will make your designs pop with gorgeous elegance.

Swarovski 5603 10mm Graphic Cube Crystal AB

Code 5603-CAB10
With its elegant look and asymmetrical shape, this Swarovski Graphic cube will give your designs a striking touch of brilliance as light is reflected by its meticulously-cut facets and AB finish. Use this gorgeous cube for designs that require a touch of avant-garde beauty. If you are looking to add some extra dazzle to your jewelry creations or home decor, think Swarovski.

Swarovski 5754 10mm Butterfly Crystal AB

Code 5754-CAB10
Put a graceful touch of sparkling beauty in your designs with the Swarovski 5754 10mm butterfly in Crystal AB. The fun shape is created with faceted crystal, displaying eye-catching sparkle at every angle. This bead will add a sophisticated touch to your designs while incorporating depth. Use this bead in a number of different jewelry ideas, including bracelets and earrings. Hang one from your purse strap or dangle from a special necklace and add a whimsical touch to any accessory. This bead features a clear coloring with an iridescent finish full of gleaming rainbow colors.

Swarovski 5601 10mm Faceted Cube Crystal AB

Code 5601-CRYSAB10
Put magical sparkle into your jewelry designs with this Swarovski cube bead. This modern bead features a cube shape with precision-cut facets for sparkle from every angle. This bead is perfect for creating a playful feel in your designs. Try it in necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. It's sure to add excitement to your style. It is bold in size, so showcase it in long necklace strands, bracelets, and more. It features clear color with an iridescent gleam that adds rainbow tones.

Swarovski 5000 10mm Faceted Round Crystal AB

Code 5000-CRYSAB10
Bring magical style to designs with this Swarovski crystal faceted round. Displaying a classic round shape and multiple facets, this bead can be added to any project for a burst of sparkle. The simple yet elegant style makes this bead an excellent supply to have on hand, because you can use it nearly anywhere. This bead is bold in size, so use it in long necklace strands, showcase it in a bracelet, and more. It features clear color with an iridescent finish that adds rainbow tones.

Swarovski 5742 10mm Heart Crystal AB

Code 5742-CAB10
Create a sweet look with this Swarovski heart bead. This beautiful Swarovski heart-shaped bead is drilled side-to-side, allowing it to hang like a tiny pendant. Wear it alone, or string several together for adorable prom, Mother's Day, or bridesmaid jewelry. You could even try it in Valentine's Day projects. It will make a cute accent anywhere. This bold heart features clear color with an iridescent finish that adds rainbow tones.

Swarovski 77510 10mm Rhodium-Plated Rondelle with Swarovski Crystal AB

Code 77510-RCAB10
Put a band of stunning sparkle in your designs with the Swarovski 77510 10mm Rhodium-plated rondelle with Crystal AB crystals. This bead features a classic rondelle shape decorated with a ring of clear crystals shining with iridescent beauty. It would make an excellent spacer between larger beads. This bead has a wide stringing hole, so you can use it with thicker stringing materials. Try nestling them between Swarovski large-hole pearls.

Swarovski 6228 10mm XILION Heart Pendant Sapphire AB

Code 6228-SAPAB10
Saturate your jewelry in sparkling blue color with this Swarovski heart pendant. This translucent bright blue pendant is coated in an iridescent finish for shifting pastel colors. Heart-shaped jewelry is a timeless choice and this pendant offers a sparkling take on this look. Accent it with white and clear beads to make the color pop.

Swarovski 4470 10mm Cushion Fancy Stone Crystal AB

Code 4470-CAB10
Add enchanting sparkle to designs with the Swarovski cushion stone. This fancy stone features a traditional gemstone cut, a square shape with rounded edges. The beautiful faceting enhances the sparkle of this stone, giving you an eye-catching focal for designs. Use it in bead embroidered designs, with epoxy clay, seed bead around it, and more. It's a wonderful way to make your jewelry designs glitter. It features a beautiful iridescent gleam that's filled with blue, purple, green, and gold rainbow tones.

Swarovski 3009 Rivoli Square Button 10mm Crystal AB

Code 3009-CAB10
Contemporary sparkle brightens up the Swarovski 3009 10mm Rivoli square button in Crystal AB. This component is a fresh take on the iconic Rivoli cut in a softly rounded square shape with one hole in the back. With its graphic simplicity and timeless shape, this button is easy to use anywhere. Use it as a glittering addition to shirts and blouses, bead embroidery or even as a closure on a trendy wrap bracelet. This button is bold in size, so it's sure to stand out. It features clear color with an iridescent finish.

Swarovski 3201 Rivoli Square Sew-on Stone 10mm Crystal AB

Code 3201-CAB10
A captivating sparkle fills the Swarovski 3201 10mm Rivoli square sew-on stone in Crystal AB. This square-shaped sew-on stone features faceting that meets at a point on the front of the stone. A stringing hole is located on the top and bottom of the stone, so you can easily attach it to designs. Sew it into bead embroidery projects, use it as a link in jewelry and more. The classic style is sure to work anywhere. This bold stone is sure to draw attention to your designs. It features a clear color with an iridescent finish.

Swarovski 6128 10mm XILION Mini Pear Pendant Crystal AB

Code 6128-CAB10
This small 10mm Swarovski pear pendant will add eye-catching sparkle to your jewelry designs. This transparent teardrop-shaped pendant displays a metallic iridescent coating on one side which shines through the crystal in lovely pastel sparkles. XILION-cut facets converge to a center point on either side, adding both dimension and radiance. The beading hole is punched through the top to provide a dangling effect when strung. Try using this as a sparkling focal piece in a necklace paired with any color combination you desire, since the crystal clear color will complement any color scheme.

Swarovski 5328 10mm XILION Bicone Crystal AB - Factory Pack (144pcs)

Code 5328-CRYSAB10-FP
Make sure all of your designs sparkle with the Swarovski 5328 10mm XILION Bicone Crystal AB factory pack. These beads feature the popular Bicone shape that tapers at both ends, much like a diamond. The multiple facets cut into the surface of the crystal create a sparkling effect that is sure to catch the eye. These versatile beads can be used in necklaces, bracelets and earrings alike. They display clear color with an iridescent finish. This sealed factory-direct pack includes 144 pieces.
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