10mm Topaz Beads

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Swarovski 5028 10mm Crystal Globe Bead Light Topaz

Code 5028-LTO10
The brilliance of crystal takes on classic style in the Swarovski 5028 10mm crystal globe bead in Light Topaz. This bead features a perfectly round, smooth shape, creating an opulent 3D effect. This sleek yet expressive bead complements all looks with its perfect simplicity. It is a magical orb of crystal that will enhance any design. This bold bead makes the perfect showcase piece for necklaces and bracelets. This bead features a brilliant yellow color full of sunny warmth.

Swarovski 5058 10mm Baroque Bead Light Smoked Topaz

Code 5058-TOSMKLT10
Elegant luxury fills this Swarovski Baroque bead. The Baroque bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history in radiant crystal detailing. With its flat pear multi-curved outer shape, you can blend it into luxurious bead strands or create floral and ray-shaped sew-on patterns. Light, airy, and flat, this bead adds little additional weight to any finished product. It features increased brilliance through the multilayer cut with detailed facets on the side. This bead features a golden brown sparkle.

Swarovski 5625 10mm 2-hole Stairway Bead Light Smoked Topaz

Code 5625-LST10
For a contemporary mood in your projects, try the Swarovski Stairway bead in Light Smoked Topaz. This square-shaped bead features horizontal rectangular facets to create a cool geometric look, while curving facets near the bead holes add a finishing touch. These beads feature two drilled stringing holes and are a little bit bigger than the Tila beads that feature a similar design. These beads can work in seed beading and multi-strand projects. These beads feature a dusky brown color that would look wonderful paired with other rich tones.

Beadelle Chocolate Glaze - Light Colorado Topaz Round Pave Bead 10mm

Code BEAD-0554
Dip into new, flavorful ideas and get inspired by this Beadelle pave bead. Across its dark brown, medium-sized surface are tiny smoky golden crystals that catch the light at any angle, ensuring your looks continue to shimmer. Try working this bead into a bracelet or earring design to add instant glamour to any look. With its rich, neutral tones it can be paired with a number of different color combinations.

10mm Topaz Glass Faceted Drop Strand

Code LTD-3713
With an amber glow and glossy shine, these faceted drop beads are perfect for adding a warm feel to any jewelry design. These teardrop-shaped glass beads each exhibit a lovely yellow topaz color across their faceted surface, finished with a translucent feel. With their side-drilled holes through the pointed tops, these beads are great for dangling in a dramatic necklace design. Their size and fun shape are ideal for using as small focal. Try stringing them with rich gold jewelry components and other honey hues.

Swarovski 5000 10mm Faceted Round Topaz Blend

Code 5000-TOB10
Add a rich brown to jewelry and crafts with this Swarovski faceted round bead in Topaz Blend. This bead has a subtle gradient of gradually diminishing color that adds dimension to its appearance. The simple yet elegant appearance and sparkling facets of the 5000 round make it a staple in jewelry design. Try using it with base metal, gemstone beads or chain.

Swarovski 5000 10mm Faceted Round Light Topaz

Code 5000-TOLT10
Displaying a classic round shape and multiple facets, this bead can be added to any project for a burst of sparkle. The simple yet elegant style makes this bead an excellent supply to have on hand, because you can use it nearly anywhere. This bold bead features a lovely yellow topaz color that will bring sunny sparkle to any look.

Swarovski 5328 10mm XILION Bicone Topaz Blend

Code 5328-TOB10
Add an earthy brown shade to your jewelry designs with this Swarovski Bicone in Topaz Blend. This bead features a subtle gradient of gradually diminishing color that adds dimension to its appearance. Alternating large and small facets provide the sparkle and brilliance that Swarovski is known for. The classic, simple shape of these beads makes them easy to add to many different types of jewelry. Use this bead to space between larger beads in a necklace or as a focal piece laced with smaller beads. Try mixing it with gold components to complement the rich, warm tone and amber coloring.

Venetian Glass 10mm Silver Foil Disc - Topaz


Give your projects a touch of gold with this topaz Venetian glass silver foil disc. Deep golden-orange glass covers a silver foil center. It has a biconvex disc shape and a small 10mm size that makes it useful as an accent on a high-class necklace or as the main component of an earring design. Pair it with silver or black to add contrast and bring attention to this beautiful bead.

This item is handmade, so appearances may vary. Because this bead is handmade it may have some rough edges around the bead holes, beading wire is recommended.

Swarovski 180301 10.5mm BeCharmed Pave Bead with Topaz Baguette Fancy

Code 180301-TOPCUR10
Add a rich display of sparkle to your looks with the Swarovski 180301 10mm BeCharmed Pave bead with Topaz baguette fancy stones. This bead features a cylindrical shape and a wide stringing hole. The shining curry base is covered in a band of rectangular crystals, all sparkling with dark amber color. The stringing hole is lined with stainless steel and the rings of the stainless steel are engraved with the Swarovski logo, so everyone will know you use only premium-quality beads in your designs. This bead is perfect for using in birthstone jewelry as a representation for the month of November.

Swarovski 5000 10mm Faceted Round Fern Green-Topaz Blend

Code 5000-FTB10
Bring delightful color into looks with this Swarovski faceted round in Fern Green-Topaz Blend. With its rounded shape and sparkling faceted surface, this bead is perfect for use in a bracelet, earring or even necklace design. This lovely Fern Green-Topaz Blend is a blend of two Swarovski colors, Fern Green and Topaz, and is meant to highlight the look of a woodland forest captured at dusk. Try pairing this earthy green shade with neutral brown tones or other green and yellow components.

Czech Glass 1.5x5mm Crystal Brown AB Dragon Scale Bead (10 gram pack)

Code BEADS-1295

Bring unique style to your designs with the Czech glass 1.5x5mm crystal brown AB dragon scale beads. These beads feature a scale-like diamond shape. The stringing hole runs through one of the pointed ends, so you can dangle these beads from earrings or necklaces. Try incorporating them into bead embroidery for a unique look. Their small size will work anywhere. These beads feature a topaz color with a gleaming iridescent shine on one side.

Each 10g package includes approximately 250 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

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