Antique Brass Oval Link Chain

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Antique Brass-Plated Textured Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BBACH14
This antique brass-plated textured oval link chain will help you create a variety of gorgeous designs. The flat oval links on this chain make it small enough to use for earrings, but large enough for medium-sized bracelets and long dangling necklaces. The detailed texture on each link gives this chain an added elegance. You can try pairing it with porcelain beads, Swarovski crystal, or freshwater pearls.

5x3mm Antique Brass Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0312
Simple chain gets a unique twist. This delicate chain features an alternating pattern of three oval links followed by three oval links that are pinched in the middle. The pattern adds subtle dimension to the simple chain. The open links make it easy to add components to this chain. This chain features a dark gold color with a lovely shine. This chain would look beautiful paired with peach tones or dusty pinks.

3x4.8mm Antique Brass Textured Oval Link Chain By the Foot

Code BTF-0671
Graceful style begins with the 3x4.8mm antique brass textured oval ink chain. This chain features small oval-shaped links connected by even smaller oval links. The flat oval links feature a textured surface for an elegant look. This chain will make a delicate foundation for your designs. Use it in multi-strand projects or in simple necklace and bracelet designs. This chain features a dark golden brown shine full of vintage appeal.

8x5mm Antique Copper-Plated Brass Oval with 3mm Pearl Link Chain By th

Code BTF-0926
Elegant fun fills the 8x5mm antique copper-plated brass oval with 3mm pearl link chain. This chain features oval-shaped links with a twisted dimension. The twisted shape allows each link to hold a small pearl-coated bead in the center. The links are long enough to allow for some space to add charms or dangles with the help of jump rings. This chain displays a dark copper color, while the pearls glow with white color.

Antique Brass-Plated Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BBACH11
Everyone needs link chain for making those charm bracelets or necklaces. Brass is a great complement for both vintage and modern designs. Mix this chain with our wood, resin, or crystal beads. This bold chain features elongated oval links that you can easily embellish. Use it to dangle charms or thread silk ribbon through for a colorful look.

Antique Brass-Plated Small Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BBACH18
Create stunning designs using this antique brass-plated small oval link chain. Each link is a simple flat oval loop, which gives you a great base for your projects. You can add brass charms or links, incorporate your favorite colors of beads, or try both. If you're looking for ideas, try this chain with our Swarovski pearl beads.

Antique Brass-Plated Hammered Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BBACH10
Combine this beautiful hammered antique brass chain with other fun elements in your jewelry designs. It can also be a stand alone component, but it looks great in multi-strand designs or when strung with gemstones, wood, or crystal. This chain features large oval links with a hammered texture. The dark gold color has a vintage appeal that will complement olive green or navy blue tones nicely.

Antique Brass-Plated Large Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0107
Add contemporary style to your designs when you use this chain. This bold jewelry chain features large, eye-slit oval shaped links that are connected by figure-eight links all polished in a vintage brass color. Its large display makes this chain perfect for bold bracelets or a daring necklace, and its weathered brass finish is ideal when working with vintage themes.

Antique Brass-Plated Crimped Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0113
For just a touch of dimension in a simple jewelry design, try this chain. Each small, thin link features a crimped oval shape and presents an alternating pattern so you create depth at every angle. Its delicate layout is ideal for creating a nice dangle for an earring or to design a nice bracelet. With a weathered brass polish this chain can be matched with any number of different color combinations for a nostalgic touch, but would look perfect paired with dark red tones.

Antique Brass-Plated Oval Rope and Plain Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0098
Give looks an optical illusion with this incredible chain. This large jewelry chain is surprisingly lightweight and full of dimension. Its pattern is comprised of two thin, elongated oval links twisted together to create a wider design which is then linked to a single, thicker oval link with roped texture. With its antique brass plating this chain is ideal for working into a vintage-inspired necklace paired with regal ted tones.

Antique Silver-Plated Brass Textured Oval Cable Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0192
This versatile chain can be used in a variety of designs. It features small oval links in a dark silver finish with small cuts in their surface for a textured look. The shining color and the unobtrusive size will work in any project you may have in mind. Since this chain is sold by the foot, it's easy to stock up. Pair this chain with icy blue beads to bring out the silver shine or layer it with other styles of chain.

Antique Brass Cog Chain By the Foot

Code BTF-0730
For a vintage meets modern feel, try the antique brass cog chain. This chain features cog-shaped links connected by delicate oval links. The cogs have open centers, so you can dangle and attach components to them. This chain is great for steampunk designs. Use this chain in multi-strand looks, as the foundation of a cool necklace and more. This chain features a dark golden brown shine.
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Antique Brass-Plated 3 Oval Links Rollo Chain by the Foot

Code BBACH05
This antique brass-plated chain is perfect for your jewelry designs. It features alternating flat and twisted oval shapes, for a textured and bold look. Use this chain as the foundation of an eye-catching necklace or layer it with other chain styles in a multi-strand look. It features a dark gold shine, perfect for vintage themes. Pair it with rich colors like navy blue, olive green, or royal purple.

Antique Brass-Plated 3+1 Oval and Twisted Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0020
This chain provides you with an inexpensive and intricate look for your designs. It has a pattern of one large oval link connecting to three ring links, and one twisted oval shape. This thick sturdy chain is perfect for bold looks full of big detail. Use this chain to hang a brass charm or wear it alone for a nice statement piece.

7.5x6mm Antique Brass Twisted Link Chain By the Foot

Code BTF-0696
Start your designs with the unique look of the 7.5x6mm antique brass twisted link chain. This chain features oval-shaped links. The links feature a twisted texture, which adds interest to the overall chain. This chain is sure to add dimension to your projects. It's a beautiful foundation for any design. Add it to necklaces, use it as the start of a charm bracelet and more. It features a dark golden brown shine.

Antique Brass-Plated Textured Oval Cable Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0048
Give your favorite beads an elegant backdrop using this lovely chain. It features an antique finish that softens its shine and adds a vintage flair to your designs. Each thin oval link has tiny slashes that give it texture. You can use this link with dark blue and red Swarovski crystal beads or with pastel pearls. Create your own design and then buy as much as you need.

5mm Antique Brass-Plated Textured Oval Cable Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0491
Create bold texture at the heart of your designs with the 5mm antique brass-plated textured oval cable chain. This thick chain features elongated oval links. These links all feature textured surfaces, imprinted with a design of little raised squares. This chain would work well in multi-strand designs paired with other styles of chain. It features a timeless brassy gold coloring, perfect for pairing with silky neutrals or shining purples.

12x9mm Antique Brass-Plated Oval Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0166
Explore unique new styles when you use this chain to create your next idea. Finished in a weathered brass color, this chain is comprised of thin oval shapes that alternate direction, creating dimension in your ideas. Attach your favorite crystals, charms and other components to the large, open links to create unique pieces to match your style. The dark brass plating will complement reds and blacks well to create a dramatic feel.

Antique Brass-Plated Flat Oval Cable Chain by the Foot

Code BTF-0041
For simple style that's full of classic beauty, use this chain in your next design. Small, thin oval-shaped links connect together in rotating positions to add a hint of shape to these otherwise flat pieces. The vintage brass plating is perfect for looks laced with rich reds or deep purple shades, and the delicate chain is versatile enough to be used in any type of jewelry design.

Antique Brass Dangle Chain By the Foot

Code BTF-0743
Bring contemporary style to designs with the antique brass dangle chain. This chain features bar links connected by oval-shaped links. Long bars dangle from each oval link, creating a unique look. These bars are great for modern styles. This chain is bold enough to stand out on its own and it would also make an interesting layer in multi-strand designs. It features a dark golden brown color.

Antique Brass Celtic Chain By the Foot

Code BTF-0736
Put classic style into designs with the antique brass Celtic chain. This chain features bold oval-shaped links. The links are not soldered, so they can be opened to add dangles and more. The surface of the links is decorated with swirling lines, giving them a Celtic look. This chain is a great way to add texture to designs in a subtle way. It features a dark golden brown shine.

4mm Antique Brass Small Flat Curb Chain By the Foot

Code BTF-0919
Create a bold beginning for your style with the 4mm antique brass small flat curb chain. This chain features oval links with a slight twist. They are flattened on the sides, so they will lie flat when worn. Use this chain to create your next necklaces and bracelets. It looks great in simple single-strand designs, as well as multi-strand creations. It features a deep golden brown shine that will work well in vintage-themed designs.

Antique Brass-Plated 3+1 Small Round and Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BBACH19
This antique brass-plated chain provides you with a delicate chain for your designs. It has a pattern of three ring links and one oval loop link. Use this chain to hang a brass charm or a sparkling Swarovski pendant. Since it is sold by the foot, you can get as much as you need.

Antique Brass-Plated 5+1 Rollo and Oval Link Chain by the Foot

Code BBACH27
Long oval links spaced between short sections of rollo links create an elegant look for this antique brass-plated chain. Try this chain with a brass-plated toggle clasp and a Swarovski pendant. You can also space it between large beads for a long dangly necklace. This chain has an antique finish, which gives it a weathered look appropriate for both contemporary and vintage designs.
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