Jewelery Tools

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Artbeads Jewelry Making Tools Starter Set

Code 000-TOOLSET001
If you're a beginner to jewelry-making, you're going to need the right tools. Our Artbeads Jewelry Making Tools Starter Set will ensure you're prepared for lots of projects. This exclusive set includes basic tools every beader needs, such as a bead crimper, side cutters, chain nose pliers and round nose pliers. Jewelry wire is also included. All of these tools are held together in a collectible and reusable drawstring pouch, along with a postcard featuring an exclusive link to a webpage full of instructions, tips and other fun stuff to help get you started. Leave the guesswork out of jewelry-making and let this Artbeads Starter Set provide you with nearly everything you need.

Superior Beader's Tool Kit

Code TOOL-511
Nine superior precision-made beading tools are in this convenient leatherette zipper pouch. This is what you've been waiting for. Each tool is carefully chosen for use with your bead and jewelry designs. This thoughtfully assembled collection is perfect for beginning beaders or professional designers. Keep all your tools in one place with this handy kit. This tool kit includes: crimping pliers, a knot cutter, nylon jaw pliers, #5 knotting tweezers, a wire rounder, split ring tweezers, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and a side cutter.

Beadalon Knotter Tool

Code TOOL-164
This amazing tool makes pearl knotting a snap. Produce a tight, consistent knot every time with the Beadalon knotter tool. It can be used in the left or right hand. You will never struggle with your knots again. Knotting between pearls ensures your beads won't rub up against each other and if the strand breaks, your beads won't go flying, so this tool is invaluable. Creating a professional look in your jewelry designs has never been easier than with this tool.

Bead Crimper Tool

Code TOOL-100
Designed for crimping beads, these crimp pliers help give your jewelry a professional looking finish. The lower section crimps and the upper section rounds off your crimped bead for a clean, professional look. If desired, the finished crimp can be hidden in a large-holed bead or a crimp cover. The bead crimper tool works great with our 2mm x 2mm sterling silver crimp tubes and beads.

Cobra Coiler Wire Tool

Code TOOL-0215
Coil wires with ease using the Cobra Coiler wire tool. This tool comes with a mountable coiler, two mandrels that are 1/8-inch and 1/16-inch in diameter, instructions for use and a carrying case. With this tool, you can make coiled beads, beaded coils and everything in between. All you have to do is secure the Cobra Coiler to your work table, insert and tighten your desired mandrel, slide the wire into one of the slots, hold the wire with one hand and wind the crank with the other. You can also use other mandrels with this tool, from mandrels as thin as a pin to mandrels slightly thicker than 1/4-inch in diameter. Note: For a limited time, the Cobra Coiler will include an extra mandrel. This mandrel is shaped like a triangle, so you can make fun and interesting shapes within your jewelry. This extra mandrel is included with the Cobra Coiler only while supplies last, so make sure to get yours today.

Beader's Mini Tool Travel Kit

Code TOOL-618
Design jewelry on the go with this useful beader's mini tool travel kit. This helpful kit contains all of the tools you need to create stunning jewelry wherever you are and includes the following: round nose pliers, a semi-flush side cutter, chain nose pliers with cutter, a mini bead board, a thread cutter, and #5 knotting tweezers. All of these tools fit conveniently into a travel-sized box so you can easily pack them to bring with you anywhere.

Dazzle-It Grey Leatherette Tool Wallet

Code TOOL-0191
Store your tools like a pro with the Dazzle-It grey leatherette tool wallet. This grey leather carrying case for your tools opens like a wallet and features bands that will hold jewelry-making tools in place. It is a great option for taking your tools with you when you're traveling. Let this tool wallet help you organize your tools and be ready for beading everywhere you go.

Crystal Katana Rhinestone-Crystal Pick Up Tool

Code TOOL-0070
With the Crystal Katana rhinestone pick up tool, you can quickly and easily glue and place Flatback crystals. It includes an adapter for tiny SS9 to SS5 Flatback rhinestones. Made of premium jeweler's wax, the tip can be easily reshaped or rejuvenated. Award-winning designer Kelly DeFries of Crystal Ninja developed this essential Flatbacking tool. Why use anything else?

Precious Metal Clay Tool Kit (PMC)

Code TOOL-0140
Get started creating amazing metal clay jewelry with the help of this Precious Metal Clay Tool Kit (PMC). This kit includes everything you need to begin working with the innovative Precious Metal Clay. The tools each have their own pouch in the pack, keeping them separate from other tools. This kit includes a retractable scalpel, a #6 soft taper-point chisel shaper, a polyblade, a brass brush, a PVC Cool Roller and size-4 spacers, a 2-1/2 inch bent burnisher, a shrinkage ruler, a paint/slip brush, and an awl. The roll-up pouch makes taking these tools with you a breeze.

Dazzle-It Classic Slim Tool Set with Grey Handles

Code TOOL-0190
Be prepared for your jewelry-making projects with the Dazzle-It classic slim tool set with grey handles. These tools feature thin and durable rubber grips, great for beaders with small hands. The set includes a side cutter for cutting wire, bent nose pliers for attaching jump rings and findings to designs, round nose pliers for shaping wire into loops and slim flat nose pliers for securing your components. With this tool set, you can easily create amazing jewelry.

Crystal Art Pick Jewel Setter

Code TOOL-0033
For perfect placement in your multimedia ideas, use this Crystal Art pick jewel setter. This amazing tool looks like a pen but features a small waxed end to make picking up rhinestones simpler. Use this when working with tiny Flatbacks and rhinestones to pick up one at a time and place in your ideas for a professional finish.

The Beadsmith Jewel Setter 2 pack

Code TOOL-170
The Jewel Setter is the updated version of the Perfect Positioner. It's perfect for using with Swarovski rhinestones. You can do away with the beeswax, toothpicks, and mess because the Jewel Setter is a simple tool that will help you pick up and easily place your rhinestones in any pattern you like. This will make your work easier and faster.

Bead Buddy Junior Bead Board & Travel Case

Code SUP-0238
You can create amazing jewelry anywhere you go with the Bead Buddy Junior. This case opens up to reveal a bead mat on both sides. Place your beads, tools and projects on one side, close the case and they will stay perfectly in place. This means you can take your works in progress with you wherever you may roam. The case also comes with a design template to help you make the perfect projects. With this case, you'll be prepared to bead anywhere and everywhere.

Bead Caliper

Code GAU-01
This brass bead caliper, or gauge, is useful when you are creating designs that require precision. Measure the size of your beads by simply sliding the ruler to the appropriate size that fits your bead. This useful jewelry tool offers measurements in both millimeters and inches at the same time. The maximum measurement for this bead gauge is 80mm or 3.15 inches.

Lindstrom RX8147 Flush Cutter Pliers

Code TOOL-0255
You'll love completing jewelry designs with these cutter pliers. Lindstrom's RX series flush cutter pliers are great for trimming wire components like eye pins, head pins, and beading wire. The handles make possible complete hand control for precision work. The innovative spring mechanism reduces spring tension during work, which lessens fatigue. Barely any effort is needed to close these pliers, making them a great option for smaller hands. You can also adjust the tension and opening width with the spring mechanism.

Lindstrom Shears

Code TOOL-0066
Create quality and precision cuts using these Lindstrom shears. These shears will cut precisely through up to 16-gauge soft wire and 18-gauge soft sheet metal. The ergonomic cushion grip handles make it easy and comfortable to use these shears. You can use these shears to trim head pins and eye pins, cut jewelry chain and much more. These shears are intended for adult use only and you should always wear safety glasses while in use.

Lindstrom Supreme Cutter Micro-Beveled Edge

Code TOOL-600
The Lindstrom supreme cutter with micro-beveled edge is one of the finest tools in the industry, used by jewelers and craftspeople around the world. These cutters are unsurpassed in material, design, and performance. The precise jaw alignment, German lap-joint engineering, and double leaf springs are easier on your hands, so beading is a breeze. This amazing tool is recommended for use with 16 gauge wire and finer. Warning: Using this tool to cut stainless steel wire can damage the tool.

Lindstrom Supreme cutter (End, flush)

Code TOOL-601
Use professional tools to create quality jewelry with the Lindstrom supreme cutter with flush end. This cutter is recognized as one of the top in the industry by jewelers and craftspeople around the world. For material, design and performance, these cutters are absolutely the best. With a precise jaw alignment, German lap-joint engineering and double leaf springs, it's even easier to create fine jewelry. The slightly angled edges at the tips of the pliers allow you to work closer with your jewelry and provide more precision. This tool is recommended for use with 16 gauge wire and finer.
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