Metal Bending

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ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Bar

Code TOOL-0277
You can use this bracelet bending bar from ImpressArt to perfectly bend metal strips into bracelets. It can be used for bending metal strips up to 1 1/2 inches wide. Simply insert the end of your metal strip into the lip of the tool and bend the strip down around the curve of the tool. Flip your metal strip over and insert the other end into the lip of the tool and do the same. It will give you a perfectly curved cuff you can be proud to wear. You can use the bracelet bending pliers after curving your items on the bar to perfect the ends even more.
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ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Pliers

Code TOOL-0278
Use these bracelet bending pliers from ImpressArt to shape bracelets and make curves in metal. They are six inches in length and feature nylon jaws. The nylon jaws protect the surface you are working with from nicking and marring. The nylon jaws feature a curved dimension that make it easy to shape bracelets and cuffs how you want to. Nylon jaw replacements are available, so this is a tool you can use again and again. We suggest using these pliers with narrow bracelet blanks for easier shaping. You can also use these pliers after shaping wider bracelets with the bracelet bending bar to perfect the shape even more.
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ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Plier Replacements

Code TOOL-0279
If you use the bracelet bending pliers from ImpressArt, you'll want to keep these nylon jaw replacements on hand. These replacements are easy to replace on your pliers. Simply unscrew the old jaws and screw in the new replacement jaws. You'll use the bending pliers again and again to shape and curve bracelets and cuffs, so make sure you're prepared with these replacement parts.

Each pack includes two pairs of replacement jaws.

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Lindstrom Supreme pliers, bent nose

Code TOOL-604
When creating jewelry, you have to have a tool that does its job and does it well and the Lindstrom supreme bent nose pliers do just that. These pliers feature tips that are slightly bent at the tips, which make them a versatile tool you can use for just about anything. Bend wire and metal or attach findings to your designs with these pliers. The precise jaw alignment, German lap-joint engineering and double leaf springs are easier on hands and provide more precision. Recognized as the top in the industry by jewelers and craftspeople around the world, Lindstrom pliers are unsurpassed in material, design, and performance.

The BeadSmith 1-Step 1.5mm Looper Plier

Code TOOL-0053
Create your own eye pins with The Beadsmith 1-Step 1.5mm Looper Plier. This tool allows you to trim and loop ready-made eye pins. You can even create eye pins in one motion. If you want to create custom length eye pins, you can do that, too. This tool works with precious metal wire, craft wire and copper or brass core wire. It bends and trims wire between 26 and 18 gauge in thickness. The looper will create a 1.5mm loop on wire 20 gauge or thicker, but it will leave a slight gap in the loop when using gauges thinner than 20 gauge. The 1-step looper is the perfect way to create professional-looking jewelry in no time.

Bali Silver Double Spacer with Wire Center

Code BSP0045

Add dimension and texture to your jewelry designs with this unique spacer bead. Shaped like a tiny barrel, this bead is encased by two small rings of twisted wire, but the center of the bead is the true visual masterpiece. Hollow and enclosed by wire that is bending in different directions, this bead begs to be noticed. You can use it in long necklace strands, bracelets, and even earrings.

There may be slight variation in appearances, since each piece is hand-crafted from .925 sterling silver by silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia.

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