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The BeadSmith Spotlight Micro Engraver

Code TOOL-0185
Bring customizable style to your designs using The Beadsmith spotlight micro engraver. This engraver is ideal for engraving metal, glass, wood, ceramics and more. It includes an attached LED spotlight to brighten your work area. The comfortable, contoured grip allows for greater control and the compact pen-like design allows you to take this engraver with you anywhere. Tow round diamond-tip bits and an Allen key are included with the engraver. This battery-operated tool requires two AAA batteries, which are not included.

ImpressArt Stamp Sticker Book

Code SUP-0603

Use this sticker book from ImpressArt to make sure your stamps are placed exactly where you want in your metal stamping projects. This book includes 70 stickers for stamping in a straight line or curve, spacing out letters, stamping mandalas, and more. Each book contains 14 straight guides, 28 pattern grids, and 28 circle grids in various sizes. To use the straight or circle guides, simply stick a guide to your blank, line up your stamp with the spacing line, and stamp along the top ridge. To use the pattern grids, stick the transparent grid on your blank and use the grid lines to stamp symmetrical patterns.

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ImpressArt Black Stamp Enamel

Code SUP-0547
You can ensure your stamped designs stand out even more. This black stamp enamel from ImpressArt is meant to be applied over a metal stamp design. Simply shake the bottle before use, apply the enamel, wait 10-30 seconds, and then gently wipe away the excess with a soft cloth. The enamel will remain in the recesses of your stamped design, creating a more pronounced look. You'll love the professional feel it adds to your projects. Here are further tips for using this product: Before wiping excess stamp enamel, blot it until you see the outline of the impression. The larger the surface area of the impressions, the longer the stamp enamel will need to dry. For wider impressions, allow thirty seconds. Stamp enamel is water resistant, but will start to wash out if exposed to soap. We recommend wiping away any fingerprints or residue before applying the stamp enamel, as it is less likely to adhere to an oily surface.
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Heavy-Duty Shears with 2-Inch Blade

Code TOOL-0024
This sturdy pair of high-leverage shears is perfect for your heavy duty projects. Its wide, strong teeth will easily cut through various materials including some metals. This heavy pair of scissors is a must-have for jewelry designers ready to explore mixed media projects and create their own unique pieces.

3PC 5 1/2-Inch Needle File Set Cut 2

Code TOOL-0018
Smooth down metal pieces with the help of this set of needle files. With this set you'll get three separate files with various surfaces to help you smooth sharp edges in metal pieces. These tools are ideal when working with metal components to fix hole-punched pieces or cut corners.

ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Plier Replacements

Code TOOL-0279
If you use the bracelet bending pliers from ImpressArt, you'll want to keep these nylon jaw replacements on hand. These replacements are easy to replace on your pliers. Simply unscrew the old jaws and screw in the new replacement jaws. You'll use the bending pliers again and again to shape and curve bracelets and cuffs, so make sure you're prepared with these replacement parts.

Each pack includes two pairs of replacement jaws.

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File Set

Code TOOL-113
This set includes six shaped files that store conveniently inside the tool and attach to the front for use. The handy spring clip enables you to carry the tool in your pocket like a pen. Its compact size makes it easy to take with you anywhere. These files are great for smoothing out the edges of bead holes or the ends of wire, making your jewelry-making and craft projects easier to complete.

Metal Complex 3mm Upper Case 27 pc. Elegant Alphabet Metal Stamp Set

Code TOOL-0002
Use this metal stamp set from Metal Complex to create new and unique designs in jewelry. This collection features uppercase letters A through Z and the ampersand symbol, each 3mm in size, and come in a nice zipper pouch. Now you can spell out messages or design tags for pets and kids. This set is perfect to use with blank tag charms and other more metal stamping tools like hammers and bench blocks.

Thumb Safe Stamp Holder

Code TOOL-0065

Save your fingers with the thumb safe stamp holder. This clever tool holds your metal stamps away from your fingers so you can hammer away without worrying about injuring yourself. The open hole features a clamp you can adjust for different stamp sizes and the clamp has a sturdy grip. The handle is long, allowing you to keep your hands far away from where you will be hammering. Use this tool to easily hammer metal stamps without fear of injury. This tool will hold both square and round stamps up to 7mm in size. 


Metal Complex 3mm Upper Case 27 pc. Storybook Alphabet Metal Stamp Set

Code TOOL-0004
Design fantastical focals with this alphabet stamp set from Metal Complex. With this set you'll receive 27 metal stamps, including the letters A through Z and the question mark symbol. Each upper case letter is detailed with curled accent lines that make for cute complementing features. You'll also get your set in a nice zipper pouch for easy access. Use these stamps for designing unique focal charms or pet ID tags with the help of tag charms and other more metal stamping tools.

40 Hole Wooden Stamp Stand

If you love metal stamping, you will definitely need this wooden metal stamp stand to hold all of your beautiful stamps and keep them organized and handy all in one place. This compact wooden stand can hold up to 40 of your metal stamps. The holes are 7.5mm in diameter, but keep in mind that stamp measurements usually only account for the diameter of the stamped image and not the diameter of the tool. You'll want to account for the diameter of the tool when using this holder.

Metal Complex 4oz Ball Pein Hammer with 10-Inch Wood Handle

Code TOOL-0011
Hit your metal stamps just right with this 4oz. ball pein hammer with a 10-inch wooden handle from Metal Complex. The lightweight stamping tool is ideal for stamping letters and symbols perfectly onto blank metal charms, creating one-of-a-kind focals for your jewelry.

3x3 Inch Bench Block with Wood Base

Code TOOL-0015
Use this bench block with a wood base in conjunction with other stamping tools to create unique pieces of jewelry. This piece is perfect for providing a smooth surface to perform stamping projects. Play with blank tags and pendants to indent them with metal stamps. Discover new ways to design with this fun tool.

Metal Complex 1.8mm Round Hole Punch Pliers with 1 Extra Pin Set

Code TOOL-0040
These Metal Complex hole punch pliers are the perfect tool for metal working projects. These hole punch pliers easily punch through copper, silver and brass, so you can add more components to your jewelry designs. These pliers are made of carbon steel and they feature an ergonomically designed handle for durability and comfort. This tool comes with one extra pin set. Use them with metal blanks to make your designs stand out. These hole punch pliers will punch through metals up to 24 gauge maximum.

Metal Complex 1.25mm Round Hole Punch Pliers with 1 Extra Pin Set

Code TOOL-0041
Customize your metal components with the Metal Complex hole punch pliers. These hole punch pliers can punch through copper, silver and brass with ease. With the ergonomically designed handle, you can punch holes all day in comfort. To punch a hole, simply hold the pliers horizontally and apply pressure to the handle. This tool comes with one extra pin set. Punch holes through metal blanks to easily add them to your jewelry designs. These hole punch pliers will punch through metals up to 24 gauge maximum.

ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Bar

Code TOOL-0277
You can use this bracelet bending bar from ImpressArt to perfectly bend metal strips into bracelets. It can be used for bending metal strips up to 1 1/2 inches wide. Simply insert the end of your metal strip into the lip of the tool and bend the strip down around the curve of the tool. Flip your metal strip over and insert the other end into the lip of the tool and do the same. It will give you a perfectly curved cuff you can be proud to wear. You can use the bracelet bending pliers after curving your items on the bar to perfect the ends even more.
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StazOn Ink Pad - Jet Black

Code INK-03
You can create fun crafts with the StazOn ink pad in jet black. This solvent ink is fast-drying and designed especially for use on plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, laminated paper, coated paper and leather. It is not recommended for fabric. It's a great way to decorate scrapbook pages, leather jewelry designs, blank metal tags and more. Make sure to keep the pad covered when not in use.

ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Pliers

Code TOOL-0278
Use these bracelet bending pliers from ImpressArt to shape bracelets and make curves in metal. They are six inches in length and feature nylon jaws. The nylon jaws protect the surface you are working with from nicking and marring. The nylon jaws feature a curved dimension that make it easy to shape bracelets and cuffs how you want to. Nylon jaw replacements are available, so this is a tool you can use again and again. We suggest using these pliers with narrow bracelet blanks for easier shaping. You can also use these pliers after shaping wider bracelets with the bracelet bending bar to perfect the shape even more.
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Deluxe Riveting Hammer

Code TOOL-0036
Get to work with this deluxe riveting hammer. This large tool is designed for hammering rivets into metal components so you can create unique mixed media ideas. It's a great jewelry-making supply to keep in your stash.

The BeadSmith Whammer Hammer with Interchangeable Nylon and Dapping He

Code TOOL-0188
The Beadsmith Whammer Hammer with Interchangeable Nylon and Dapping Heads is like three tools in one. It is a dual-ended tool featuring one fixed-position head as well as interchangeable nylon and dapping heads. The convex steel head is designed for flattening, spreading and work hardening. The nylon head is perfect for smoothing kinks in wire and tempering colored wire without marking the surface. Finally, the dapping head can be used to create texture on wires. Extra weight in the head reduces the striking power needed and the short handle improves grip and striking. Don't miss out on this invaluable tool.

Dapping Block with 2 Punches

Code TOOL-0014
Redesign soft metals and other material with the help of this wood dapping block that comes with 2 punches. The six-sided block features a different sized circular indent on each surface, and each punch comes with an individual head for various effects. Use this tool to remove dents in pieces or create more dimension on a smooth surface. Simply place a blank jewelry piece inside one of the indents on the block and strike your punch with a mallet to curve the blank shape. Discover what you can make with this fun tool.
Related Categories Metal Alphabet Stamps | Tools | Tool-0277 | Mstamp25
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