Transparent Luster Gold Rose

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Miyuki 8g 8/0 Transparent Luster Gold Rose Delicas

Code DBL0115

This 8g bag of transparent luster gold rose Delicas gives off a shiny golden color with a hint of rose. These Delicas would go well with gold and pink tones. You might try using them as spacers on earrings or bracelets. Each of these Miyuki seed beads features a large hole, making it easy for you to slide your thread through it again and again without worrying about breaking the bead. This makes them wonderful for bead weaving and looming.

Each 8g package contains approximately 246 seed beads.

Miyuki 8g 8/0 Transparent Luster Gold Rose Hex Cut Seed Beads

Code DBLH0115

These transparent luster gold rose Miyuki seed beads from Japan have a dark amber base with a shiny gold covering. They would go well with forest green beads. Available in an 8g bag, these seed beads come in a Hex Cut, which adds texture to each bead's appearance. And an 8/0 size makes them perfect for use as spacers, for bead weaving or for looming. The beads feature a large hole that makes them easy to slide your needle through without worrying about breaking the bead or getting stuck halfway. Combine ease of use with a consistency in size and shape and you have a beader's dream.

Each 8g package contains approximately 300 beads.

Miyuki 8g 8/0 Transparent Luster Rose Gold Delicas

Code DBL0121

These 8/0 transparent luster rose gold Delicas are a light orange color with a yellowish sheen. Try them with darker orange colors for a two-toned design. Miyuki seed beads are known for having a consistency in size and shape. These beads also have a large hole size so you can slide thread through them multiple times. You can try using them as spacers for bracelets or necklaces. They also work well for bead weaving and looming projects.

Each 8g package contains approximately 246 seed beads.

Miyuki 5x2.3mm Transparent Rainbow Luster Rose Gold Half Tila Bead 8g

Code HTL301

Garden colors come together in these Miyuki 5x2.3mm transparent rainbow luster rose gold half Tila beads. These beads are rectangular in shape and feature two stringing holes. They are excellent for multi-strand designs, seed bead weaving and more. Use them with the Miyuki Tila square-cut beads for fun, geometric patterns. These little beads are sure to add versatility to your projects. They feature floral purple color mixed with shining gold and green.

Each 8g package contains approximately 200 beads. Due to their flat shape and angular corners, Half Tila beads should be handled with care to avoid chipping.

Miyuki 8g 1.8mm Transparent Luster Faded Rose/Gold Square Cut Beads

Code SB18-0311

These transparent Square Cut seed beads are a delicate detail element in your next bead working project. These beads feature a beautiful faded rose and gold coloring and a luster finish which gives each bead a slightly different color depending on how they catch the light. They will give any project an elegant touch. Their size is consistent which makes weaving with them a pleasure. With a large hole, you can pass your thread through the beads multiple times without breaking them. You can also count on their color being consistent time and time again. For bead weaving, looming, or as spacer beads, Miyuki's seed beads are a must-have for every bead worker.

Each 8g package contains approximately 703 seed beads.


Czech Glass 3mm Transparent Rose Gold Topaz Luster English Cut Round B

Code BEADS-2431

Put rich color into your jewelry projects with the Czech glass 3mm transparent rose gold topaz luster English cut round beads. These beads feature a rounded shape and large facets cut into the surface for a more irregular look. These beads will work in a variety of styles. They are tiny in size, so you can use them as spacers, with seed beads and even in bead embroidery. They will enhance any necklace, bracelet or earring design. These beads feature deep amber color with a golden gleam.

Each pack includes approximately 100 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

CzechMates Glass 6mm Four-Hole Rose Gold and Topaz Luster QuadraTile B

Code BEADS-0945

Bring warmth to your designs with the CzechMates glass 6mm four-hole rose gold and topaz luster QuadraTile beads. These thin square-shaped beads feature rounded corners and a stringing hole in each of the four corners. You can add these beads to designs in unique ways. Stack and layer them, use them in multi-strand designs, add them to bead embroidery and more. There are so many possibilities with these little squares. They feature transparent amber color with a subtle golden gleam.

Each 20g pack includes approximately 150 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

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