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Miyuki 8g 11/0 Opaque Pearl Watermelon Delicas

Code DB0236

Fruity pink color shines through in these Miyuki 11/0 opaque pearl watermelon Delicas. These glass seed beads feature pink color that is usually found in juicy watermelons. Each bead features a brilliant shine thanks to the opaque pearl finish. These small seed beads feature a cylindrical shape that creates a more uniform and consistent look in designs. The large stringing hole allows you to pass your thread through the bead multiple times without breaking it. For bead weaving, looming, or as spacer beads, Miyuki's Delica seed beads are a must-have for every beader.

Each 8g package contains approximately 1550 beads.


Artbeads Watermelon Burst Designer Blend, 11/0 Miyuki Delica Seed Bead

Code ADB0310

Juicy style fills the Artbeads Watermelon Burst Designer Blend. Melon pink combines with berry red, spring green and lavender in this mix. This exclusive blend has been hand-picked by Cynthia Kimura and features Miyuki Delica seed beads in size 11/0. The hard work of selecting the perfect color combinations is done for you. Stitch this blend into a random pattern or combine it with other blends for your own customized seed bead treasure.

Each tube includes approximately 17 grams or 3337 beads.


CzechMates 2-Hole 7mm Pacifica Watermelon Cabochon Beads 2.5-Inch Tube

Code BEADS-3338

Delicious color fills these CzechMates cabochon beads. These beads feature a round domed shape with a flat back, much like that of a cabochon. Two stringing holes run close to the flat bottom of the dome, so these beads will stand out in your jewelry-making designs. Use them in multi-strand projects or add them to your bead weaving for eye-catching dimensional effects. They'll work nicely with other CzechMates beads. They feature refreshing watermelon pink color.

Each tube includes approximately 20 beads.This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

Czech Glass 6mm Pacifica Watermelon Prong Bead 2.5 Inch Tube

Code BEADS-3400
Create deliciously eye-catching style with these Czech glass Prong Beads. These beads feature a flat half-crescent or prong shape. The stringing hole runs through the base of the shape, so the prong will stand out in any look. Add them to your stringing projects for a fun look or try them in bead weaving to create amazing dimension. Use them as prongs to hold stones and beads in place. They would work wonderfully with CzechMates beads. They feature juicy watermelon pink color with hints of gold.

Each 8.5g tube includes approximately 85 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.

Matubo Rulla Duets 3 x 5mm Black and White Ruby Luster 2-Hole Beads -

Code BEADS-3742
Spice up your style with the unique look of these Matubo Rulla Duets. These beads are rectangular in shape with rounded corners. They feature two stringing holes, making them versatile options for seed bead weaving and embroidery. Try them in between two strands of beads. You'll love the way they add complexity to your designs. The Duets are special because each bead features two different colors on each side. With these beads, you can create fascinating color palettes within your bead patterns. They feature watermelon pink color with a golden gleam on one side and a metallic olive green color on the other side.

Druk Bead 6mm Dark Pink Opal (50pc Pack)


Sprinkle your jewelry with hints of strawberry splash with these 6mm Druk beads in dark pink opal. Each round, glass bead is made by hand in the Czech Republic in the same traditional technique that has been used for generations. Their smooth surfaces are decorated in a juicy watermelon shade with an opalescent finish for a milky look. Use these lovely glass beads in your necklace, bracelet and earring designs for a fun touch of color. Try creating a fun necklace with these beads paired with gold jewelry components.

This item is handmade, so appearances may vary. Each pack includes approximately 50 beads.

Dakota Stones Cherry Quartz 10mm Round Bead Strand

Code R0475

Create bold, feminine style with the Dakota Stones cherry quartz 10mm round beads. Available by the strand, these beads feature an orb-like shape and fruity pink color like that of watermelon. Try showcasing these large beads in a necklace design. Cherry quartz is a beautiful man-made glass. It is made from glass melted in a furnace and then combined with a coloring agent to produce the swirling inclusions that give it such a unique look. The glass is then cooled, cut and polished like a gemstone. Metaphysical Properties: Typically used as a balancing stone, cherry quartz brings hope and relief from anxiety.

Because gemstones are natural materials, appearances may vary from piece to piece.

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